Company profile

Paktek was founded in 1982 through the entrepreneurial spirit of Leonard Shereck, who was Vice president and partner at a local corrugated manufacturing plant. Mr. Shereck felt the need to offer to the customer a more diversified product line while helping the customer choose the right packaging product for their application. Through strategic acquisitions and solid partnerships with its suppliers, Paktek has acquired well balanced product lines and great experience making Paktek one of the leaders in its field and enabling us to offer packaging solutions custom to your needs.


Paktek's mission is to bring great value to its customers at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to giving remarkable customer value by offering.

  • Reliable on-time service: We are committed to delivering on-time, all the time
  • Immediate response: Paktek will meet your requests in a timely fashion so that you can focus on your business.
  • Right product for the application: With its wide range of products easily accessible, Paktek can recommend the best packaging product that will suit your need.
  • Competitive pricing: Paktek's philosophy is to give back to customers by reducing their prices when costs savings occur.


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